20 Years Ago Today

/ 6 minutes

Twenty years ago today, like countless other folks around the world, I remember where I was when 19 terrorists attacked the U.S., slamming planes into the Twin Towers in NYC, the Pentagon in DC, and a field in western PA.


Put Things Back the Way You Found them

/ 2 minutes

My father was one of those people who believed in an organized workbench. He did not go the full Tim "the Tool Man" Allen from Home Improvement with the white tape dead silhouettes of tools on the wall. However, he did have a proper pegboard with hooks/etc. for all his tools. He also had variou...


Well, it finally happened. My journey into managing this blog site with Grav has reached a new step. To date I have done everything with this site using nothing more than the Grav Admin Panel web interface. My goal was to see how long I could manage everything this way. That is, I have not had to resort to "going under the hood" to modify any files, etc. But this time I hit a wall.


When Good is Good Enough / Letting Go

/ 5 minutes

This post could easily go by so many titles...

Stop Being So Anal

Let It Go, Dad!

(Yes, I am quoting Remi from the Pixar animation "Ratatouille". 😀)

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb My Imperfections

the list goes on.


In short, it is about learning to know when it is time to consider something done.


The Challenge of Giving

/ 17 minutes


Not long ago, my family was sitting on the couch watching some YouTube clips by Mark Rober. (Yes, we are "cord cutters", currently using an AppleTV hooked up to the living room flat panel. Though we are more like "never been corded" types, as I have not had/paid for cable in over 20 years. But that's another story.)