Well, it finally happened. My journey into managing this blog site with Grav has reached a new step. To date I have done everything with this site using nothing more than the Grav Admin Panel web interface. My goal was to see how long I could manage everything this way. That is, I have not had to resort to "going under the hood" to modify any files, etc. But this time I hit a wall.


The Gravitas of Grav

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Not long ago, I started this blog. I already wrote a post on how I researched CMSs and landed on using the Grav CMS for my own needs. But I would like to dig into this a bit deeper. With each passing day that I learn something new in this CMS, the more I love it.


(a.k.a., "An example of what I do")

TL;DR: For my purposes... currently (April 2021)... it is Grav CMS using the Gantry5 Theme Framework. That's what is running this site. For others, as is the mantra in tech in general: "It depends."

Strap in. This is a long post.

So like me, you finally decided to start a blog/website. Now what?

Excellent question. Well, if you're most people, you go to a site like WordPress.com, Weebly, etc., create yourself a free account (or go whole hog and get a paid account), and off you go.

If, however, you are me, this is where you go off and do your research, which means you often go down a rather deep rabbit hole for a bit. And that's exactly where I ended up... in a deep, dark hole, wondering what the heck I was thinking.


First Post

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Welcome to my site!

I am just getting started. Expect things to change as I work on this site. All screwups are mine and mine alone. Please bear with me.

The logo above is for Grav, the flat-file CMS I have chosen to use to build/maintain this site. More on that in the next post.

I am also leveraging Gantry5, made by the folks at RocketTheme.